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Getting upgraded internet? Signed up for RSF Connect? There’s a good chance that your current hardware won’t give you the fastest speeds.

Let me help you find the best solution for you that will stand the test of time.

Whether it’s streaming video, playing games, or just sending emails, I can accelerate your network traffic.

What equipment do you install?

I typically recommend the Ubiquiti UniFi line of WiFi equipment. The system allows for wired access points positioned in various places around your house to deliver maximum performance throughout. This is a large step up from other mesh systems which use WiFi to connect back to your main network. A mesh “hop” results in a significant cut in performance across the link compared to a wired link and, as such, you won’t be able to receive a full gigabit connection from that mesh point.

The basic hardware setup typically consists of:

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  • UniFi Security Gateway (USG) – Advanced network router and firewall. Allows for the separation of traffic for your personal devices (phones, computers), guest devices (fantastic for rentees), and IoT devices (smart TVs, smart speakers) for improved security.
  • UniFi Switch 8 60W – Connects all the wired devices in your network to the router and firewall. This device will also power the various WiFi access points around your house so there’s no need for extra 120v wiring.
  • A combination of various access points suited for your home:
    • UAP-AC-Lite – The most basic access point, can be installed on a ceiling or hidden away in a cupboard.
    • UAP-FlexHD – A small, soda can style access point perfect for the coffee table.
    • UAP-AC-M – A weatherproof, outdoor-rated access point fantastic for decks, patios, or pools.
    • … and many more!

How can I get WiFi to my detached guest house, barn, etc?

Using airMAX technology, I can connect extra buildings to your home network (up to 5 miles away). The link will have a speed of around 300 Mbps (one third of a gigabit fiber connection).

The radios are very small and discreet:

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